Villány -  wine region with                             long tradition

Villány, mountain Szársomlyó

Back in Roman times Hungary’s wines were already appreciated by emperors. The tradition of wine-growing possibly dates back to the Celts, but certainly to the Romans, and the remains of a villa can be seen near Villány.

The world-wide reputation of this wine can be seen in documentation that Villány wine was sent to New York in 1846.



The Villány-Siklós Wine Route

Tracing a path between the slopes of the Villány hills, this was the first wine route in Hungary. The area includes approx. 2500 hectares of south-facing vineyards, as well as almond, fig, apricot and peach trees, a sign that the Mediterranean is not far away. From our vineyards we can see a wide expanse of land with an ideal microclimate: warm days, cool nights and always enough wind to dry out the leaves when it rains. The average annual temperature is 11.5C with 2,300 hours of sunshine. The local loess and clay soil on a bed of chalk helps to store the moderate rainfall (700 sq mm a year) and has already produced excellent wines on a regular basis.

In Hungary Siklós is known for its aromatic, elegant white wines, whereas Villány produces complex and powerful reds.

Villány is THE new place to go for wine connoisseurs, as it is slowly being discovered by the gastronomy and lifestyle press.