Guarantied organic and biodynamic quality

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 Our natural wines are officially recognised by the Hungarian authorities (HU- ÖKO-01) as organic, according to EU law.

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 From harvest 2012 on our wine estate is certified by DEMETER also.


To download our certifications from Biokontroll Hungária and Demeter International,

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DHC Villány

districtus hungaricus controllatus villany

 Villány is the first Hungarian wine-growing region to have its own comprehensively controlled guarantee of origin and quality and it exceeds the national classification system. DHC (= controlled district of Hungary) Villány wines can only be made from the best grape varieties, and all producers must register their intent by 30. May of the previous year for the purposes of control. All wines have to submit to an additional control from the Villány tasting panel on top of the state quality control system.