Who does what in our winery?

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Ralf Waßmann
Beverage scientist.

Ralf is a born lover of fermented juices! Even as a young man back in the western Harz region of Germany he made wine from cherries, rosehips and gooseberries, in the absence of grapes. Thus, it made sense for him to study the science of wine-growing and beverage technology after A-levels. This makes him the expert in natural wine-making and he controls what happens in the vineyards and the cellars.

handwork in the organic vineyard

Susann Hanauer

Lawyer, winelover.
Susann studied law in Tübingen and Heidelberg and has a weakness for wine, like many in the legal profession. For a while she marketed Bordeaux wines in Germany. She learnt a lot from Ralf and other wine- makers and always widenes her knowledge. Since 2009 she has been a winetaster, since 2019 a Certified PAR Master and in 2020 she got her WSET II Award in wines. She also takes part in international wine-tasting events. Back at the winery she takes care of the administration of the business and the handwork in the vineyards.


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